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Keeping your children healthy is a top priority for the team at West Family Medicine in Pocatello, Idaho. The practice offers outstanding pediatrics care aimed at keeping your kids happy, healthy, and fully equipped to do their best at school, home, and beyond. To explore the practice’s pediatric services in greater detail, schedule an appointment at West Family Medicine online or by phone today.

Pediatrics Q & A

What is pediatrics?

Pediatrics is an area of medical practice focused on treating the distinct set of health needs of children. West Family Medicine is committed to providing the best possible health care to your family, regardless of age. 

West Family Medicine offers pediatric care for kids from birth through young adulthood.  Whether your child needs preventive health care, an accurate diagnosis, immunizations, or treatment, you can rest assured they are in the best of hands. 

What is included in pediatric care?

In the first couple of years of your child’s life, pediatric care is focused on assessing and tracking development. Pediatric visits are more frequent in the first few months of life but shift to annual wellness visits around the age of 3. 

During those early visits, your health team gathers information about your child’s vital signs, length/height, weight, hearing, eyesight, and reflexes. These appointments are also an opportunity to ask your doctor questions and learn how to best support your child’s health. 

If your child is ill, your practitioner focuses on determining the cause of symptoms and finding the best treatment path. Whether the issue is an acute condition or a chronic health issue, you have the support and guidance of your West Family Medicine practitioner throughout. 

Why choose a family medicine practice for pediatrics?

One of the biggest reasons to choose West Family Medicine for pediatrics is the chance to address the health needs of your entire family at the same practice. This approach allows you to schedule appointments for multiple family members on the same date. 

Working with a family medicine physician also allows you to get to know your doctor and build a strong professional relationship. That makes a world of difference when your family is faced with an urgent medical need or a complex diagnosis. 

Finally, West Family Medicine was founded with the intention of providing seamless care across a wide range of medical specialties. Your child has access to outstanding pediatric care and can transition into adult health care without having to find a new doctor and practice. Recordkeeping, billing, and scheduling are all simplified by choosing West Family Medicine as your health care home. 

If you’re searching for pediatric care from a skilled and compassionate doctor with the backing of a thriving practice, call or schedule an appointment online today to bring your child in to meet the West Family Medicine team.

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